17 Looks Your Pet Gives You When She's Concerned About Your Life

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Nobody knows us better than our pets. And for that, we are very, very sorry, pets.

1. When you quit your good day job to pursue your "art."

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2. She saw you speed through that yellow light.

3. She overheard you say you're going out tonight and she knows you have to be up early tomorrow for work.

4. This baby bunny is wondering why you don't try harder.

You had so much potential.


5. She's worried you sent in the form for that extended warranty.

You did. Didn't you?


6. She heard that you quit your job to become a lifestyle blogger.

7. She thinks you could stand to read a book once in a while, instead of just binge-watching Netflix.

8. "You're drunk texting your ex again, aren't you?"

"But we talked about this!"


9. She saw your student loans bills.

"You know you have to pay those back, right?!"


10. "Sure you need that fourth glass of wine?"

11. This bird barely knows you but feels you're making bad life decisions.

12. She's hoping you get renter's insurance.

13. She wants to go on a walk, but you're glued to your phone again.

14. She knows you're only paying the minimum on your credit cards.

15. Your idea to start a GoFundMe account to pay your bills.

16. She's upset that you slept in again this morning.

17. "Stop vaguebooking! Please stop vaguebooking!"

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