20 Ways You've Disappointed Your Pet (Again)

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Our pets hold us up to impossibly high standards. We try to live up to these unrealistic expectations, but we often let our furry friends down. Here's a list of 20 ways you've broken your pets heart ...

1. This cat is sad you moved the sun.

2. This dog is disappointed his dad has to go to work.

How do you think we pay for this nice house and all your squeaky toys, Mike?


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3. "What are you doing to my blankie!? Give it back!"

4. This blep is for all the times you pretended to throw the ball.

5. Your jokes are more confusing than funny.

6. When you don't share your food.

7. The time you switched to cheap kitty litter and thought they wouldn't notice.

Oh, but notice they did.



8. Less video games. More fetch.

9. "Organized another meeting with our hooman’s to discuss the lack of banana treats of late."

10. Your many poor life choices made this bunny cry.

Way to go.


11. Bird suspects you only tipped the pizza delivery driver 5 percent.

12. "I told him I wasn't going to throw the stick anymore because playtime was over"

You. Monster.



13. This good boy is disappointed nobody wants to adopt him.

Oh, wait. Never mind. He's fine! Good boy!

14. "You've been looking at other cats on the internet again, haven't you?"

15. "Go ahead. Stare at your phone. I'll be right here."

16. That first visit to the vet.

And every vet visit after that too.



17. "How is this the first time I've had ice cream?! This stuff is amazing!"

18. "You're not leaving again, are you?"

19. "OMG DAD. NO."

20. And the very worst thing you can do? Sleep in and miss their 6:30 a.m. breakfast time.

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