23 Animals Who Have Decided To Share Your Food

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Lots of pets beg for food when they see a human eating something tasty. Some take it a step further and just take what they want and run. Here are 23 of the boldest food-stealing animals.

1. "This piece was for me, right? It felt like this piece was for me."

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2. "Um, ditto, but with this sandwich."


4. Teamwork makes the dream work.

5. This is a lesson in being patient and picking your spots.

6. The key is to approach with confidence, like you belong there.

7. And if you get caught in the act, play it cool.

8. This betrayal cuts deep.

9. Make sure you're ready for the life of crime, because you won't be able to stop.

10. The idea was solid but the execution needs some work.

11. Same here.

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12. Fact: Cats love stealing cheese.

13. No matter the temperature.

14. This one is playing the LONG game:

15. But sometimes stealth is overrated.

16. Remember: It's every animal for himself.

17. "Correction: They were your carrots."

18. Always have a cover story ready.

19. Stealing food right out of someone's mouth — BOLD.

20. Kids are easy targets.

21. Proof that slow and steady CAN win the race.

22. But a quick in and out job is usually the most effective technique.

23. And who could forget, the greatest food-stealing pet of all time: Empanada Dog.


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