29 Pets Who Are So Excited For Halloween

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It's time to get spooky! And these pets are soooo excited!

1. This pumpkin dog can't wait to carve his pumpkin!

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2. Wait. Maybe this pug isn't so excited about Halloween.

3. And she isn't too sure about Halloween, either.

Reminder: Not all pets love wearing clothes, so if yours is one of them, please don't force the issue!


4. Ok, here we go. This spooky black kitten is very much looking forward to scaring you!



5. Oh no! This kitty got trapped in a very spooky spider web!

Looks comfy.


6. Everyday is Halloween for this very scary spider.

7. Cats love Halloween, this is a known fact.

8. Even birbs like to dress up!

Maybe? Maybe not.


9. See, cats take Halloween very seriously.

10. He's watched The Shining one too many times.

To be fair it is a really good movie.


11. "There is nothing scarier than someone coming to the door — except for me costume, that is."



12. Even this thing is ready for Halloween!

(Seriously, what is it? ​- Editor's note: That is an axolotl, a species of salamander found in Mexico.​)


13. Low key, but effective.

14. Bonus: This costume can be worn 52 times a year!

15. Sherlock and Watson are on the case!

And are looking quite dapper!


16. Slow, but still scary.

17. Cats don't even really need a Halloween costume, do they?

Just some eerie lighting.

18. This was kinda unnecessary.

19. "I iz big cat, I iz fierce"

20. Literally, the stuff of nightmares.

21. The winner of "Making the Best of a Bad Situation" Costume Contest.

22. These dogs actually make pretty good horsies.

23. To some dogs, Halloween is the most confusing time of the year.

"It's happening again, isn't it?"

24. I present,the goodest boy this Halloween.

25. You probably didn't know this, but hedgehogs are always down to Trick or Treat.

26. This is my cat and she would be pissed if I didn't add her to this compilation.

I told her that Halloween is the time where we celebrate black cats and she totally bought it.

27. Her favorite horror movie is The Ring.

[Screams forever]

28. Um.

Where did you get that?

29. "Bones? Where are the bones? Did someone say bones!?"

Per the original poster: "It's nontoxic face paint! My dog's name is Nixe and she is a 13 month old black German Shepherd in training for Search and Rescue."

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