Stephen King's Corgi May Be The Most Evil Thing You'll Ever Snuggle

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Who would have thought that the King of Horror would be a doting dog dad? If you're a fan of Stephen King, you know he's not shy on social media — sharing book and movie news, political views, and pictures of his adorable corgi, Molly, aka the Thing of Evil.

She even has her own Facebook page.

Video of the Day

Here she is looking sweet.


One of the best parts about following Molly's adventures is seeing what hilarious things Stephen King has named her stuffed toys.

Bad Bunny sounds like a pretty bad dude.

Molly isn't above sulking that her favorite pundit has left TV. She just stretches out on the couch for a cozy nap.

Sometimes evil takes a little snooze. (Seems like evil is always a little sleepy.)

Molly is ready to party! And by party, she means an evening rampage! Dipshit the Moose is always down to party.

Here she is torturing poor Mr. Bill.

Seems like doing "bad shit" takes a lot of work.

Very scary Molly! Good girl!

Nom, aka Nasty Old Monkey is always good for a cuddle.

Molly isn't even afraid to challenge the POTUS.

We can't get enough of the adventures of Molly, AKA the Thing of Evil. We can only hope that Stephen King writes a novel about her. Or at least a kid's book!

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