Only Read These Tweets About Pets If You Want A Smile Overload

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Genius-level kernels of truth about our relationship with animals boiled down to 140 characters or less.

1. Conflict resolution has never looked so adorable.

2. 10/10 cat lovers could LOL at this forever.

3. Even when they're bad, they're still good dogs.

4. Have you ever seen anything so pure? HAVE YOU REALLY?

5. Cutest! Cuddlehack! Ever!

6. So cute I could literally puke.

7. Look up #squadgoals in the dictionary (it's there, I swear 😉), and you'll find this picture.

8. "This is the cutest thing I've ever seen" — some random on Twitter

9. What a kind and gentle soul.

10. Because spoiling them is the point! #makeitrain

11. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." — these two during a temporary truce

12. They grow up so fast, they really do.

13. This is very relatable, but I think we all know that my pup is the ~bestest~ pup.

14. "Can't talk now, we have a side quest to complete!"

15. Admit it, you'd be proud too.

16. See, respect for one's elders isn't entirely dead just yet.

17. What did we ever do to deserve dogs? (Axing 4 a fren)

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