People Are Freaking Out Over Whether This Is A Cat Or A Cougar

Some residents are in a panic amid mysterious photos that are circulating on social media showing a large animal that have people guessing whether or not they're looking at a mountain lion, bobcat, or just a huge house cat.

Outdoor surveillance cameras captured the moment this big kitty walked across the yard of a home in Durham County, North Carolina, reports ABC11.

The images quickly circulated on Facebook and Twitter and caught the attention of neighbors, including Stacey Carrington.

"I saw that photo and I thought about my own animals and my kids walking to the bus stop," Carrington told a reporter with ABC 11.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission received several calls about these candid kitty photos and say the beast is nothing more than a big cat. "The shape of the tail was another classic house cat feature. "For one thing, cougars haven't been in North Carolina for more than 100 years," a spokesperson said. "The shape of the tail was another classic house cat feature — a bobcat would've had longer legs and different facial features as well."

Still, some residents, like Stacey Carrington, aren't so sure. "I'm not saying they would go after a child, but I don't want to take a chance."

Part 2 of #CougarOrNot: it's time to #AsktheExpert! Here's my conversation with Jessie Birckhead, biologist with NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

Posted by Jonah Kaplan WTVD on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What do you think of the photos? Is a bobcat or mountain lion stalking the neighborhoods of Durham County, North Carolina or is this nothing more than camera angles making a fat cat look, well, even more Rubenesque? Share your thoughts in the comments below.