14 Pets Who Just Flew Spirit Airlines

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1. I had to get the heck off that plane.

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2. They charged for catnip!

3. This frog has found a better way to get to from Phoenix to Cleveland on a holiday weekend.

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4. This cat who just discovered baggage fees.

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5. How'd they lose my carry-on? I carried it on!

6. This ... isth ... thso ... bethther ... ththan ... flying ... Sthpirit ...

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7. I don't normally fly. When I do, it's certainly NOT Spirit Airlines.

8. Ever heard of leg room?

9. This good boy who does NOT want to pay extra for WiFi.

10. I so wish I was flying United.

11. When you decide it will be cheaper to sprout your own wings.

12. When the only Spirit Flight to L.A. on Thursday stops in three other cities.

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13. I'm so glad to be off that plane!

14. When you realize Spirit wasn't even the cheapest airline.

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