Twitter Erupts With Jokes When A Stray Dog Brings The Commute To A Paws

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A rogue pup that found his way onto San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (SFBART) tracks yesterday morning snarled train traffic — and prompted a whole bunch of funny takes on social media.


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The pit-terrier mix was first spotted just after 8:00 a.m., during the morning rush hour, when BART's official Twitter account shared the news with its 277,000 followers:

"There is a dog on the trackway near the Coliseum. We are working to safely get the dog. We need to single track until it is clear."

And while a few jerks expressed their annoyance with the suspension of service (* elbows said jerks sharply in ribs *), BART was quick to put trolls in their place:

"Still working to get that dog near Coliseum. We have major delays on the Fremont line. And no we are not going to run over the dog." (Emphasis ours)


As BART's police officers worked to coax the good boy onto a nearby platform, Bay area straphangers started spreading jokes, anecdotes, and sightings.

"Attention, @dog_rates - got a pupper on the tracks. Might be good dog but causing #BayArea delays. Doesn't have exact fare, either. 11/10," wrote this man, who was obviously fluent in both doggo and memes.


"Look at him, so free, so pure, so late to work.", marveled another.

"The infamous @SFBART dog running on the elevated tracks between Coliseum and Fruitvale.", proudly trumpeted this commuter.

The safety of the dog, others noted, was paramount and outweighed any temporary inconvenience.


"I've been delayed because HUMANS wouldn't get out of the doorway +the doors wouldn't close. Id rather a dog get rescued any day! Thanks! 🐶"

True to canine nature, the dog happily scooted away whenever anyone tried to corral him. (And, honestly, can you blame him?)

"The dog keeps running off. We are going to run an inspection train at slow speed to see where the dog is and if we can get trains moving," they continued.

All of which led some to suggest an obvious solution.

"HAVE YOU TRIED SNACKS SFBART DOGS LIKE SNACKS", teased this semi-famous novelty account.

"Someone pls sacrifice your lunch as bait for the dog! I would but I have a salad.", volunteered this woman.

After about 45 minutes of running around unchaperoned, the canine culprit was cornered.


"We got the dog! Sorry for the horrible delays. Trains are moving again.", the transit agency happily reported.

"The dog is now safe," it added to the relief of pretty everyone with a heart.

When asked about his escapades later, the delinquent dog, had only this to say: "I REGRET NOTHING".*

Later discovered to be both tag and chip-free, the pup was subsequently turned over to Oakland Animal Control, but not before stopping for a new hero shot with his new BFF.

Closing the loop on the ordeal, BART commended the officers that wrangled him back to safety: "Thank you Sgt. Carter for saving this sweet pup."


Even so, the quips kept coming.

"Would a cat get the same treatment? Asking for a cat.", questioned this man.

To which BART replied the only way it could — in the affirmative.

In the aftermath, folks took to Twitter to praise the agency's response.

"I'm on the train that herded the dog. Our operator is a champ, props to him."

As of this morning, a full 24 hours later, the pooch's identity remains a mystery.

"Found by @SFBART between Coliseum and Fruitvale stations. Neutered male, no chip, no tags. Do you know this boy?"

Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact the Oakland Animal Shelter!


All jokes aside, we're relieved to know that everyone, including the pup and BART's employees, are safe after this incident. Here's hoping no more dogs follow his lead anytime soon!

= j/k, everyone knows that dogs can't speak human (yet)

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