Terrified St. Bernard Is Certain New Pet Hamster Is Made Of Lava

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It's never easy sharing the spotlight, but it's something we must all learn to do.


That's the takeaway from a hilarious video that first surfaced earlier in the year on Instagram.

The stars of said loop are a cuddly hamster sitting in the palm of his human's hand and a St. Bernard mix that's skeptical AF about this new addition to the household.

In fact, the dog — who we presume is otherwise a very good and polite boy — tries to ignore his new squadmate entirely.


RUDE! (Hover over to play)

Fret not, though, because this story, like so many odd couple pairings from your favorite romcoms after the initial hostility thaws, has a happy ending:


YouTube has a slightly longer version of duo's original meet cute. Peep it in the embed below!

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