15 Lovable Pets Whose Performances Helped You Make It Through Scary Movies

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There have been some pretty impressive animal actors in all sorts of films throughout the years. But some of the most impressive are those who can stand on all four legs no matter how furry the situation around them. So here is an ode to some of the bravest dogs and cats who have shared screen time with the creepiest creatures in all of cinema.

1. Boomer in "Independence Day"

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When the aliens showed up to wreck earth in Independence Day, they wreaked all sorts of havoc. And while most people were rooting for humanity to survive, animal lovers were highly concerned about the fate of the family dog, Boomer. He quickly proved to be an adventure-loving pup and, happily, survived the entire storyline unscathed.

2. Barney in "Gremlins"

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The Gremlins themselves were both adorable and terrifying. But Barney, the dog in the movie, was the only adorable animal without a scary streak in his body.

3. Muffin in "Friday the 13th"

Though it was a close call thanks to a found carcass that looked suspiciously like the adorable long-haired pup, Muffin and the killing spree survivors were reunited at the end of this gory film. And, though we can't unsee some of the horrors Jason did, at least we know Muffin was spared.

4. Nanook in "The Lost Boys"

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The beautiful pup actually played a pretty significant role as the protector of one of the main protagonists, Sam, in The Lost Boys. He's both a fur baby and a complete badass.

5. Harry in The Amityville Horror

Sadly, the family dog Harry doesn't survive the movie. But, especially knowing that the real dog, Red, was just fine throughout the filming process makes his scenes a little more enjoyable. And seeing Harry try and protect his beloved family is enough to turn this scary horror film into a real tear-jerker.

6. Clovis in "Sleepwalkers"

Clovis played a major role in saving several humans from sad fates after his first owner dies. He not only wounds a Sleepwalker, but he leads a bevy of cats who help protect the humans from these creatures. And, in the end, he gets a new happy life with a new loving owner.

7. Chips in "Dawn of the Dead"

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Once it's discovered that zombies ignore dogs, thanks to Chips brave encounter with the creatures, humanity finally has an answer for the whole walking dead problem. So not only was he brave, but he was — literally — part of the solution. Go Chips!

8. Meathead in "Sudden Impact"

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Though it may not have been filled with as many fantastical creatures as other movies in this list, Sudden Impact was filled with a ton of thrilling tension and intense action. And who's there to give us much-needed moments of levity? The adorable Meathead, of course.

9. Jonesy in "Alien"

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Though Jonesy's main mission is to control rodents, he pretty much steals the show with his beautiful ginger face. And, amazingly, both he and his owner Ellen Ripley are the only ones to survive the intense alien incident on board.

10. E Buzz in "Poltergeist"

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The friendly golden retriever was always a welcome onscreen addition in this classic ghost story. Plus, E Buzz's first reaction to the oncoming spirits is to bring them a toy to play with. So, really, he's just the most charming pup in all of the ghost town.

11. Beauty and Beast in "The Hills Have Eyes"

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There's a lot of horror that happens in this '70s Wes Craven horror movie. And for anyone who's seen it and may be trying to forget it, what happens to the dogs in this movie is atrocious. But, for the moments they're onscreen, they at least give some humanity to the monsters that surround them. And, their deaths add a huge emotional impact to an otherwise downright gory film.

12. Thor in "Bad Moon"

There are so many twists and turns in this werewolf story. First, the sweet Thor is blamed for being a monster. Then, he's freed and is able to help save one of his humans from the actual monster, while his other human turns into a werewolf. In the end, he helps kill off the werewolf but also sort of becomes a werewolf except the whole thing is a dream. It's probably no wonder why this movie didn't perform well at the box office based on this description. But, hey, the pup was cute and brave throughout!

13. The cats of "Hellboy"

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There's no better way to humanize an inhuman looking creature than to give him all sorts of feels for felines. Seeing this muscly monster basically run a small cat palace not only gave this movie a much-needed humor break, it also made Hellboy a lot more likable despite his hellish appearance.

14. Those dogs in "The Omen"

Sure, seeing one of these rottweilers or "hellhounds" as they were called in this movie probably wasn't the best omen for any given character. These dogs questioned the idea that all dogs go to heaven. But, for true dog lovers, their scary, ominous slobbery faces were still cute to look at (from afar).

15. Both animals in The Voices

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Horror and comedy movies are a lot more related than many people think. And, though there aren't too many of them in recent years, horror comedies can be surprisingly delightful. While The Voices didn't exactly break the box office despite having two big stars in leading roles, it was at least fun to have both a dog and a cat in supporting — albeit conflicting — roles onscreen. Because, let's face it, we've all thought our animals were speaking directly to us. In this movie, they literally do.