These 14 Incredible Beasts Make Surprisingly Amazing Service Animals

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Animals of all sorts can provide services to their human counterparts. From helping with daily tasks to providing valuable emotional support after traumatic instances or because of mental health issues, these animals make people's lives better.

And they're not just limited to the creatures you've heard of. In fact, here are some of the most surprising and unexpected service animals on record.


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1. Rats: While they're not exactly welcome guests in some homes, you may be shocked to learn that pet rats can be great service animals.

2. Ducks: You don't have to go to a quack doctor to have it verified that your feathered friend actually provides a great service to you.

3. Turkeys: If you thought turkeys couldn't fly, think again. People were really gobbling up this surprising passenger on a Delta flight.

4. Chickens: Yes, I'm being totally clucking serious. Chickens actually make surprisingly good therapy animals, according to Psychology Today.

5. Hedgehogs: These poky pals can be excellent companions who provide great services to their humans when properly trained.

7. Gerbils: Loyal and friendly, gerbils can help ease human nervousness in social settings.

8. Iguanas: If you think you've seen it all, think again. Iguanas make great service animals!

9. Pigs: Many people have already heard that well-trained pigs are extremely similar in temperament to dogs. Though not all pigs will always pass the test, many pig owners find them to be smart and loyal animal friends.

10. Snakes: Though it may make some people shiver, snakes can slither their way into the service animal category when they meet regulatory requirements.

11. Lizards: If you can get them to provide a clear service, lizards can join the ranks of other fellow service animals.

12. Ferrets: It would be un-ferret (sorry, not sorry) if these sweet critters weren't considered support animals like their furry counterparts.

13. Ponies: Both regular size horses and miniature ponies can provide their owners with invaluable services. Mini horses, especially, have shown to be really stress-relieving companions.

14. Llamas: Easily socialized, llamas have been used to lift the spirits of people with dementia, children with special needs, and others struggling with mental health illness.

15. Rabbits: Of course, these soft, gentle creatures are good for your health.

16. Wallabies: Arguably the least likely critter to be included on this list, Mo Mo the wallaby made waves in 2015 when his person brought him to a Portland Trailblazers game. According to his person, Mo Mo helped reduce her anxiety attacks by 70%. Good job, Mo Mo!

17 Puppies & Kittens: Of course, full grown "regular" pets can be taught to provide all sorts of services to their owners. But even their younger counterparts can be considered service providers, depending on the owner's needs.

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