A Rescuer's Warning To Whoever Abandoned These Dogs: I Will Find You

The director of the Fresno Furry Friends rescue, Mona Ahmed, is on a mission to uncover the identities of an owner who abandoned these two 1-year-old huskies at a dog park in Fresno, California.

According to Ahmed, the dogs were allegedly left by a woman who never returned after asking another dog owner to watch her huskies while she briefly went to her car. After an hour or so, witnesses said there was no owner in sight for the two dogs, so Ahmed and other people went looking.

Image Credit: Mona Ahmed

Instead of finding the owner, they found toys, food, and a note.

Image Credit: Mona Ahmed

Jada and Layla are sisters whose owner chose to abandon them at the park. Perhaps the owner hoped that by leaving them some supplies and an explanation, they'd find a good home.

Image Credit: Mona Ahmed

Sadly, this type of abandonment at the park isn't unheard of. In fact, Jada and Layla are the 14th and 15th abandoned dogs Ahmed has rescued from Fresno's Woodward Park over the past decade.

Ahmed doesn't take dog dumping lightly. She told Cuteness that she is actively seeking answers for who left these dogs at the park. After posting pictures to Facebook, local residents identified the dogs and named the owner. The owner claims that a third party is involved that was in care of the dogs, but has yet to provide Ahmed with any proof.

Though social media helped locate the previous owners, they claim to know nothing about the abandoned dogs.

Image Credit: Mona Ahmed

The huskies will soon be fixed and microchipped. They're currently in a foster home getting great care. Ahmed made it clear she wants to get to the bottom of this mystery herself without putting that burden on anyone else.

"I’m not going to give it to the shelter or give it back to them until somebody tells me what happened. I’m not going to just dump the dogs like somebody else," Ahmed told Cuteness.

Thanks to the publicity the story has gotten, Ahmed is getting tons of interested people who want to adopt the animals. At the time of this writing, however, her main concern is finding out exactly who left the dogs. She hopes she'll have answers by the end of the week so that Jada and Layla can very soon be in their new forever home.

While Ahmed is happy the dogs are getting all sorts of attention, she wants to remind people that there are adoptable dogs — including other huskies — available at your local SPCA.

Ahmed explains there are over a dozen available huskies who are waiting for forever homes. If they don't find those homes, they'll be euthanized. So Ahmed hopes that these two pups will not only get new families but will inspire other people to visit their local shelters.

Image Credit: Mona Ahmed

Not only is it sad to leave your beloved fur friends to fend for themselves in public, but it's also against all sorts of rules. The park where Jada and Layla were abandoned has signs that, according to Ahmed, make it clear what owner expectations are. "Dogs cannot be tied up to a tree for more than three hours. Dogs cannot be left behind without owner supervision … Dogs should be under owner's supervision at all times," she said.

No matter what the situation might be with your pet, abandonment is never a good solution.

Jada and Layla got lucky this time, but that's not always the case for dogs left on their own. There are so many safe alternatives if you have to say goodbye to your furry friend that will help people find them a wonderful future family. If you're uncomfortable with your local shelter, there are lots of no-kill shelters across the nation that will take good care of your pup while it finds a new home.