Amazing Family Dog Keeps Missing Toddler Company Through Harrowing Ordeal

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A family dog dutifully accompanied a toddler who went missing in southern Mississippi this week and was found protecting the sleeping child who had wandered into the cab of a truck.


Harrison County sheriff's deputies searched for hours after William Odom, 2, of Saucier, Mississippi was reported missing around 10 a.m. on Tuesday from his home, reports WLOX.

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"Every time we found his footprint, we found the dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day," Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson told reporters.

The 2-year-old was discovered by an older child returning home from school who alerted authorities after enlisting the help of an uncle to recover the boy.

We don't know the identity of this hero dog, but we do know that when the stakes are high