35 Animals Who Are Completely Blown Away By Magic

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We love magic as much as the next human, but not nearly as much as the next animal. Here are 35 adorable animals who love magic so much they honestly cannot handle it.

1. Where did it go?

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3. "I do not mess with that which I do not understand."

4. "I literally run from what I don't understand."

5. "Ditto. I'm out."

6. "Human? Where you go, human?"

7. The human is GONE.


9. When you think you know how the trick works, but you don't.

10. This is what, "Whaaaaa" looks like:

11. First rule of magic, dude: Don't trust him if he puts the cup totally out of sight.

12. Second rule of magic: Don't look EVER away.

13. The cruelest trick in the world.

14. Bubbles are kind of nature's magic, right?

15. Lion agrees.

16. Okay, even WE are blown away by this one.

17. If only we could all view the world with the wonder with which this monkey views sleight of hand.

18. Work it out, Rosie. You can figure this out.

19. Good instincts, Sulo. He's an actual magician.

20. Noah knows what's up.

21. When you realize it was all a lie.

22. Every new magician should practice on dogs.

23. The look of, "Did you just see that too? TELL ME you just saw that too."

24. "CAN. NOT. DEAL."

25. You don't try to chase things that are clearly possessed by demons.

26. "Leaving in case I'm next."

27. When you are DETERMINED to figure the trick out.

28. "It looks like wet but it does not feel wet or taste wet. Whyyyyy?"

29. "You need help finding it? I will help."

30. Magic for wild animals = Even better than magic for pets.

31. Reactions to floating treats: A dog story.

32. When treats disappear, it's supposed to be into bellies, not thin air.

33. Laser. Focus.


35. When you're the person assisting with the trick and you still don't know how they did it.

While animals might not understand magic, that isn't to say they are incapable of spinning their own tricks to befuddle humans!

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