45 Animals Who Are Much Bigger Than They Think They Are

Not every animal is pet material, but sometimes, even the biggest and most objectively ferocious members of the animal kingdom like to act like they're common house pets. Here are 45 animals who act like pets even though they definitely are not.

1. So, we have an obvious contender for pack leader, amirite?

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2. "We iz not wolves. We iz doggos."

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4. #DerpWolf

5. When your lamb always jumps on the company when they come in.

6. Just two animals, living in a house. NBD.

7. Someone call the fire department — cat in a tree.

8. Tell them to send lots of help.


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10. "I did sit. Where's my treat?"

11. "Not sure why dogs act like this is hard. Catching your tail is easy."

12. Cat owners know this move:

13. And let's be honest, dog owners know this move:

14. And this one, obviously:

15. It's kind of closed-minded to call it a "dog bed."



18. You're as fluffy as you believe you are.

19. Animals casually eating from bowls.

20. You are who (/what) you hang out with, right?

21. This is your Christmas Card picture the year after your dog is no longer a puppy.

22. Kitten pets.

23. Yep, that's the spot.

24. Terrible at fetch. Doesn't matter.

25. Have ALL THE TREATS, little rhino. ALL THE TREATS.

26. He just wants to cuddle. We'll cuddle you, baby elephant. We'll cuddle you ALL DAY.

27. "I am thirsty. How about, instead of me bending over and lapping water up, you just spray it into my mouth like I'm a queen?"

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28. Every selfie you've ever tried to take with your pet.

29. Displaced gators are very similar to lazy pets in that both will lay on your porch until they feel like moving and there's not much you can do about it.

30. This groomer deserves a BIG tip.

31. It purrs like a kitten!

32. Were you expecting snuggles, beach guy? Because you got so many snuggles.

33. Will swim to the surface for pets.

34. World's biggest kitten? Probably.

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35. Now that's a good boy.

36. Behold: A soon-to-be toy carcass.

37. This toy might last a little longer.

38. Cuddles, party of three.

39. Boxes = best, for every species.

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40. Just two cats walking. Nothing to see here.

41. Down, boy. Dowwwwn.


43. Scariest/cutest cuddles ever.

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45. When your pet totally HOGS the bed, right?