Fallen Log Leaves Corgi Stumped

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Look at these good boys, frolicking in the woods.


So graceful.

So pure.

So fluid.

So athle---.


And then, bringing up the rear, is, welp, a vertically-challenged corgi, known to the internets as Jake.

Like some ancient Greek odyssey, our protagonist is impeded by a fallen log, beset by an obstacle both dramatic and comedic in its essence.


It's a cautionary tale that reminds us that the stubby leg struggle is indeed very much real.

The spirit, you see, is willing even if the body isn't.

To their credit, some of Jake's running mates loop back in solidarity. #squadgoals

But the answers aren't easily forthcoming.


Did he bridge the literal stump on the back of his four-legged companions? Burrow underneath? Split it with a laser chainsaw?

Because the video cuts out abruptly, and leaves us without a proper denouement, we'll never know!

Until such time as we can report on the aftermath of this important story, we here at Cuteness [dot] come leave you with a very topical and very relevant meme.