Someone Just Invented A Self-Cleaning, Indoor Potty Pad For Dogs

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If there's one thing that makes dog owners envious of cat owners, it's the litter box. No, the smell isn't ideal and yeah, scooping it out is a pain, but the benefit is clear: flexibility.

If a dog owner wants to sleep in or work late, they risk coming home to a mess on the carpet.

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If a cat owner does the same? The cat just uses its own "potty" and no harm is done. Now, a new invention called the BrilliantPad might just be changing the balance between owning a dog and cat (if your dog is 35 pounds or less, at least). The pad was an instant hit with early adopters who helped the project raise 177 percent of its original goal on IndieGoGo.

Huzzah, a self-cleaning potty for dogs!

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All dog owners have to do is throw away the used roll (which involves zero contact with your pup's waste):

Unlike typical pee pads, the BrilliantPad boasts the ability to keep your home smelling fresh and it promises pet owners no hassle, infrequent cleanup. How? The system works with a roll of pads that sense when they've been used and automatically roll the soiled sections in, locking in odor and giving pet owners potentially weeks between changing the roll.

Watch this video for a full explanation:

The BrilliantPad currently sells for $159.99 on the company's website and refill rolls start around $64 — so it's not cheap and probably won't replace going on walks completely, but it can provide some peace of mind for dog lovers with busy or unpredictable schedules.

And dog owners seem to love it.

"The response from the dog community was amazing and humbling as it made clear to us that a product like this was needed in the market," Alan J. Cook, CEO of Brilliant Pet, says. "We received many emails and messages of support from folks who had always wanted a solution like BrilliantPad especially because it provides freedom and flexibility and a convenient alternative when health issues or the unexpected arises. We can't wait until we get feedback from our first customers so we can continue to innovate for pets and their loving families."

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Take our money!

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