What A Woman Did After She Heard A Puppy Crying Will Melt Your Heart

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When Robin Haas left the gym Monday morning, she thought the most exciting thing about her day would be an interview she'd agreed to do about women in welding.

The welding instructor and all around awesome human stopped by Walgreens for a little last minute makeup when she heard the unmistakable yelp of a puppy from the next car.

"This was my morning. After my workout I was told I would be doing a local news spot for Women in Welding one hour before the interview. Stopped at Walgreens to get emergency makeup and heard something coming from the car behind me...." she wrote on Facebook.

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She shared a video of the rescue too.

According to Fox 8 News, Haas ended up calling in for reinforcements. Caleb Costner, one of Haas' welding students, met up with her to help remove the battery and battery box, and save the pup.


Haas and her students named the puppy Excalibur (after Lincoln Excalibur welding rods — but remember Excalibur was also the magic sword King Arthur pulled from stone, which is a fitting name for a treasure pulled from an impossible place like this puppy).

One of Haas' students is adopting the dog and nicknaming her Callie, which is a great callback to her mythical name.

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