White (English Cream) Golden Retriever Facts & Information

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We know that you've probably seen plenty of golden retrievers in your day, but have you seen the snowy beauty that is the white or English cream golden retriever?

These light-colored retrievers have a beautiful near-white color that understandably attracts tons of owners. And many people claim that the English cream is a healthier, friendlier breed than a traditional golden retriever. But those people don't quite have their facts right. Don't worry, we've got all the facts about this alabaster beauty.

The basics

The English cream is a beautiful, creamy-colored dog, and the fact that it kind of looks fancy has made a lot of people believe that English creams are somehow superior to golden retrievers. However, that turns out not to be true. There's no evidence that the English cream colored dogs are any healthier or have a better personality. In fact, a light cream is a relatively common color for golden retrievers.

But don't worry, because golden retrievers are energetic, devoted dogs that make excellent pets. They are the third most popular dog, according to the American Kennel Club. Golden retrievers are active dogs, so they will love to accompany you on all kinds of adventures, from trips to the park and hikes.

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One of the reasons that owners try to argue that English cream golden retriever are superior to golden retrievers is because goldens tend to have a high cancer rate. And English retrievers (not all of which are cream-colored) tend to have a lower cancer rate than American retrievers. Genetic elbow deformities, hip displaysia, heart disease, and eye problems are some of the other health problems commonly found in the breed.

The history

The Golden retriever dates back to the Victorian era, and it likely descends from the tweed water spaniel and other breeds of retrievers. Dudley Marjoribanks, aka Lord Tweedmouth, was not only a nobleman with an amazing name, but he was also the first to breed the dog to be known as golden retrievers.

Golden retrievers were registered with the American Kennel Club in 1925. It's only in recent years that the English cream golden retriever have become popular, and many puppy breeders advertise the color as "rare." But it turns out, the color is quite common, and the puppies will likely be just as delightful as any other golden retriever.

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The personality

There's a reason golden retrievers have been the stars of tons of movies (and our hearts) — they're so full of personality. These pups love attention, and they'll go to anybody to get it. However, because these dogs love their people so, they need company. If they're left outside they can get bored and lonely, which can lead to problems like barking and destructiveness.

Because goldens are full of energy, they need to be trained diligently and early. But goldens are smart and easy to please, so they will learn quickly once they're exposed to training. And these dogs need plenty of exercise to burn off their energy, so make sure they get lots of walks and playtime.

The appearance

The term "Golden retriever" doesn't quite accurately describe the creamy color of these lighter dogs, and that's why people try to pass them off as different or rare. But other than color, they're goldens through and through. Goldens have a dense double coat that's just long enough to look playful and a little messy.

Because of their long coats, these dogs need to be brushed regularly to protect them from mats and tangles. These active dogs also tend to get dirty, whether they've been diving into a lake or rolling around outside, so they need regular baths to keep their coats clean.

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English Cream Golden Retriever essential facts:

  • *Personality: *Intelligent, friendly, and devoted.
  • Energy Level: Very active
  • *Barking Level: *Moderate
  • *Shedding: *Seasonal
  • Grooming: Weekly
  • *Good with Children: *Yes
  • Good with Other Dogs: Yes
  • *Trainability: *Very good, eager to please
  • Height: 21-24 inches
  • Weight: 55-75 pounds
  • *Life Expectancy: *10-12 years

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