Man Unknowingly Kidnaps & Medicates His Neighbor's Cat

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Pets are like snowflakes — no two are truly alike. But, to be honest, it can sometimes be hard to tell an animal (or a snowflake) apart from its similar-looking counterparts. Even if you spend tons of time with your furry friend, that doesn't always guarantee that you'll recognize it from a lineup.


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At least, that's what this New Zealand man learned when "his" black cat started acting really strange. The cat bore such an uncanny resemblance to the man's actual cat, that he just mistook it for his own. And, as it started acting differently than it had before (because, you know, it wasn't his cat), he took it to the vet where it was prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

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Still attempting to keep "his" kitty calm, he locked it in his bedroom for five days.

It wasn't until his actual cat strolled back in that he realized his mistake.

The man's friend documented the whole feline-asco on Twitter so the would could laugh along with the mistake.

Apparently, his neighbor had even inquired about the whereabouts of her missing cat. But he had not yet put two and two together.

The only real difference between these two beauties is their sex. The man owned a female cat, and the one he kitten-napped was a boy. Somehow, nobody thought to check that tiny detail.

The neighbor was gracious about the mix up and said his cat wasn't too traumatized.

It's unlikely that cat will go wandering back into his neighbor's house anytime soon after this incident. But, if he does, hopefully they'll check his ID before giving him kitty calming medication.