20 Pet Reactions That Are Basically You When Dealing With The Post Office

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1. One window open? One ... window ... open!!

2. This cat swears he's not mailing fruit.

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3. Wait! There's a spot! Nope. Not a spot.

4. I was behind the yellow line!

5. This dog who knows you're better off sending mail through Donkey Express.

6. They charged you how much for two-day shipping!?!

7. This fella would rather play dead than try to park at the post office.

8. This is what happens when you cut in line.

9. The post office is going to the dogs.

10. This cat has been in line for three days.

11. "You wanna see me go postal? I'll go postal."

12. This dog has real emotions about his postal clerk.

13. When they close the window right before your turn.

14. When the clerk says you filled out the wrong shipping label.

15. When the nice old lady in front of you is paying with a check.

16. The clerk wouldn't let him use their packing tape.

17. When you find yourself praying for a friendly postal clerk.

18. They lost your package again!!

19. When you call the post office and they keep you on hold.

20. What postal clerks are really saying when they tell us to "have a nice day."