Tamaskan Dog Breed Facts & Information

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Your homeowners' association doesn't allow pet wolves? Have no fear, you can always adopt a Tamaskan dog! These large-bodied beauties are great family pets with high intelligence and obedience. They look like wolves but their loving temperament makes them highly desirable companions.


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The Basics

Hailing from the working dog group, Tamaskans have large bodies and are quite athletic. Males range from 25-28 inches while females are only slightly smaller coming in around 24-27 inches. Males weigh 66-99 pounds where females can be lighter around 50-84 pounds. Tamaskans are carefully bred to avoid health problems of their ancestors. Epilepsy was once found in three dogs but these specific lines are no longer allowed to breed. Tamaskans have a life expectancy of 14-15 years. Within that time, females can have an average litter of 6-10 puppies.


The History

Originating from Finland, the Tamaskan comes from a mix of Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute and a small number of German shepherds. This breed was developed with the goal of producing a dog that looked like a wolf with a high level of intelligence and a strong work ethic. We'd call this one a success. At this point, Tamaskans only breed with other Tamaskans, establishing their very own stable gene pool.


The Personality

In contrast to their dominating physical appearance, Tamaskans are quite gentle, good with children, and friendly with other dogs.


They make a wonderful addition to most families.

As a working breed dog, the Tamaskan is highly intelligent and excels in areas of agility, obedience, and discipline. This breed is easy to train with leadership that is consistent, firm and gentle. Tamaskans can be left off of their leash but should not be left alone. This particular breed is prone to separation anxiety. They operate better as a part of a pack, whether that pack consists of other dogs or humans. Human owners and trainers must establish their dominance over the Tamaskan as pack leader.


Tamaskans are commonly bred for pulling sleds but because of their calming personalities, they also make suitable therapy dogs.

The Appearance

Similar to their cousin the German shepherd, the Tamaskan looks like a wolf with a thick coat and a bushy straight-haired tail. This breed tends to be red-gray, wolf-gray or black-gray. Tamaskan vary from yellow to brown, although lighter eyes are rare. The gorgeous coat only sheds lightly and requires little grooming, perhaps one brush per week but more when the dog is moulting.


Tamaskan essential facts:

  • *Personality: *Friendly, trainable, intelligent
  • *Energy Level: *Moderate
  • Shedding: Minimal,** **Seasonal
  • *Grooming: *Weekly
  • *Good with Children: *Yes
  • *Trainability: *Very good
  • *Height: * 25-28 inches (male), 24-27 inches (female)
  • *Weight: * 66-99 pounds (male), 50-84 pounds (female)
  • *Life Expectancy: * 14-15 years