24 Tweets That Prove Cats Are Heroes & Dogs Are Zeroes

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Since ancient Egypt when cats were worshiped as gods, cat people have known what's up. Cats are way better than dogs.

1. Cats are glorious beings.

2. And then there are dogs.

3. Cats are chill roommates.

4. Dogs get way too excited when you get home. It's totally unnecessary.

5. Cats and humans have a special bond.

6. Dogs have a special bond with the garbage can.

7. Cats make sure they always look their best.

8. And here's a dog.

9. Cats are sophisticated.

10. Dogs are fart machines.

11. Cats enjoy the finer things in life, like wine.

12. This dog is eating a dirty sponge.

Way to go dog.


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13. Cats love books!

14. This dog is trying to eat a shadow.

15. Cats are cool.

16. Dogs literally have no chill.

17. Cats are clever.

18. Dogs tell the dumbest jokes.

19. Cats are brave.

20. Dogs are scaredy cats.

21. Cats politely ask if they might share your dinner.

22.Β  Dogs prefer fast food.

23. All cats are big David Bowie fans.

24. All dogs play the xylophone.

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