Man Quits Day Job To Live In A Van With His Cat

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Richard East has figured out the meaning of life. He and his adventurous black cat, Willow, live the good life traveling around Australia together.


Willow poses for so many beautiful pictures in purrfectly picturesque landscapes, she even has her own swag in the form of a calendar ...

... and souvenir coins.

Life hasn't always been so simple and exciting for this pair. They first met through East's ex-girlfriend, back when he had a regular corporate job.

East eventually took full possession of Willow at the request of his ex-girlfriend, and in December of 2014, he decided it would be just him and his kitty BFF hitting the open road.

He sold most of his belongings, left his corporate job, and headed for adventure with Willow.

Luckily for both of them, they don't have too much of a daily agenda. So they can start the day with some happy bonding time.

East said, "In the morning she will snuggle for hours and I'll hold her like a teddy bear. Love this cat!"

Though cats are often considered loners, Willow proves that they can make amazing sidekicks just like their canine counterparts.

In fact, Willow has even visited a statue of another cat who explored Australia with her human partner.

Though East originally "rescued" Willow, it's pretty clear through these pictures that the two of them have mutually improved each other's lives.

Every day for these two besties is (figuratively and literally) the cat's meow.