Cat Decides Neighbor Will Feed Her Treats For A Year

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When a beautiful white cat showed up on a social media user's doorstep, he recognized the gorgeous kitty as the neighbor's pet. But, according to LoveMeow, the cat was immediately friendly with the humans next door.


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And once it learned that showing up to say hello meant getting treats and cuddles, the cat came back the very next day ...

... and the next and the next and the next ...

In fact, the cat came back to visit every day for a year.

And the neighbor shared a photo album.


The photographer told LoveMeow that the kitty doesn't just come to be adored from beyond. She shows up with a purrfectly clear agenda.

"She meows and paws at the window or patio window to try and get our attention. If she doesn't see us she will sleep on the patio furniture waiting for us," the poster wrote on Imgur.

One look into the enchanting heterochromatic eyes of this bewitching cat and it's no wonder she has the whole neighborhood under her spell.

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