Incredible Woman Escapes Wildfires While Carrying Her 70-Pound Dog On A Bike

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The wildfires that have ravaged California have resulted in death and destruction, but they've also created some incredibly inspiring stories. First, there was Odin, the dog who stayed behind as his family fled the fire to save the herd of goats he looked after. And now, we're in awe of Natasha Wallace, a young woman who went to great lengths to save herself and her dog.

Natasha was on campus studying when the fire broke out. She was driving home around 1 a.m. when she realized the situation was dire.

"It was like a flamethrower," Wallace told The Dodo. "I knew how fast the fire was going. It was really scary."

She hurried home and packed her car with her most prized possessions and her pet dog, Bentley, and tried to drive away from the danger. Unfortunately, there was too much traffic to get out by car.


Natasha returned to her home and grabbed her bike. Before taking off, she dumped the contents out of one of her duffle bags and told Bentley to hop in.

"He just hopped right in," she said. "It’s like he understood the situation. He knew something was wrong."

Natasha hung the duffle bag (complete with a 70-pound dog, remember) around her neck and took off on her bike.


“It was hard. I was trying to avoid the branches and everything on the road. The first 2 miles were OK. I was going off pure adrenaline, or supermom strength,” she said. “Bentley just sat there the whole time, like a super good boy. His well-being was the only thing I cared about at that point.”

Luckily, she didn't have to pedal the heavy pup all the way to safety — they were eventually spotted by a man in a truck who gave them a ride to safety. Natasha and Bentley keep each other company at the shelter, and she's currently raising money on GoFundMe to help them rebuild their life.


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