Escape From Moo York: Bull Running Free In Brooklyn Makes Tuesday Not So Boring

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Nothing brings the internet together like an escaped animal making a bid for freedom.


Case in point: The morning's moos (soz, not soz) about what was initially reported to be a cow, but later revealed as a bull, running loose on a soccer field in Brooklyn.

While it didn't quite rise to the level of llamas on the lam in Arizona from 2015 (the gold standard by which all other fleeing critters are judged), ABC's local affiliate tracked the runaway bovine's progress from a helicopter hovering above.

After a couple hours of unchaperoned free time, the four-legged fugitive was eventually cornered on the south side of Prospect Park, where a crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle.


According to ABC 7, the bull was subsequently tranquilized and led into a trailer and relocated from the scene, and fortunately, only one minor injury to a girl grazed by the animal on a sidewalk was reported.

Like so many viral stories on the internet, this one prompted hilarious takes on Twitter, where the episode was quickly spun into a feature for the microblogging platform's "Moments" tab.

"Anyone in the Prospect Park area good with a lasso?," asked this account (and not for a friend and not in a rhetorical fash).

"Farm to table concept getting out of hand in Brooklyn", joked this man.

"guys this is legit a stand ooof," punned another.

Naturally, some used it as pretense to spring a second jailbreak — their own: "Having lunch with an external client today" (goes to see the cow on the loose in prospect park)".

There were those who found it useful as a proxy to wade into larger debates and rivalries ...

... while others filtered the bull's odyssey through an evergreen trope specific to New York City.

Bringing everything full circle, a novelty account authored from the cow's perspective even popped up to briefly score some easy retweets.

Did you see the Brooklyn bull playing footy this morning in person? It would be-moooooo-ve you to share what you saw in the comments below!