Woman Tries To Check Her Horse Into A Hotel & What Happens Next Is Surprising

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Some hotels have a lenient pet policy. While other hotels aren't horsing around when they say they love animals. And that's what Lindsey Partridge found out when she visited a Supreme 8 Hotel in Kentucky.

Video of the Day

According to ABC News, Partridge had been driving since really early in the morning when she decided to check into her hotel. Seeing they welcomed pets, she mentioned that she had her horses with her and playfully asked if they fall under the pet policy.

Much to her surprise, the hotel receptionist didn't say neigh to the proposition. So, Partridge grabbed one of her horses, Blizz, and took some videos and pictures of his entrance into the hotel.

And she also captured hilarious moments of thoroughly enjoying her thoroughbred's presence in the room.

To be fair, Partridge mostly brought in Blizz for the photo op more than for the company. And, since the pics have gotten a popular reaction online, her instincts for an unforgettable animal moment were spot on.



Of course, Partridge has a lot of experience with horses. She's a riding coach and founder of Harmony Horsemanship, a group dedicated to improving communication between horses and humans. So she probably had a lot of trust that Blizz would be pretty well behaved and not create too much of a stink (on any level).

Because the pictures have gotten such a surprising response, the Supreme 8 hotel has clarified that their pet policy only includes animals 25 lbs and under. But maybe Lindsey and Blizz's hotel adventure will inspire chains to be more open to turning their rooms into temporary stables.


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