Woman Puts Pony In Backseat Honda Accord For A Very Legit Reason

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The devastating wildfires in Santa Rosa, California caused people to flee for safety as quickly as possible and with little notice. For resident Lauren Mesaros that meant giving her car some extra horsepower ... literally.


According to SF Gate, the Tubbs Fire was less than a mile away when Mesaros knew she had to get herself and her animals to safety. She put two of her horses in her friend's trailer. Unfortunately, though, there wasn't any room left for her pony, Stardust. But did she let that stop her from bringing her beloved horse to safety?

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Neigh, it did not.

Mesaros loaded up Stardust in the back seat of her Honda Accord. It took the help of her horse whisperer friend and, of course, the promise of a carrot. But Stardust hopped in the back seat pretty easily. And her neighbor snapped a picture to commemorate the hilarious absurdity of what was otherwise a pretty terrifying moment.



Mesaros' sister-in-law got such a kick out of the picture, she shared it to Facebook. The post has gone viral on Facebook, with lots of other animal lovers sharing similar pictures of their unusual road trip partners.

People would obviously rather make an ass of themselves ...

... than let their sweet donkey be harmed by the wildfires.

These horse owners know that ponies are family members too and created a make-shift stable in the back of their car.

Luckily, all that extra weight in Mesaros' car didn't make it stallion, and she was able to get her animals to safety at a ranch to wait out the fires. Thanks to shifting winds, her land was spared. Though, she admitted that her car may now always smell like Stardust. But that's a small price to pay to keep her mare-velous animals alive.


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