You Can Play With This Cat Live On YouTube For A Small Donation

Love cats? Don't have one handy to play with? The blessed internet is here to solves your woes!

A Russian software engineer named Alex Ulitin started a live video appropriately titled, "PLAY WITH A CAT AND FEED IT ONLINE 24/7."

giphy embed

The live feed is exactly what it sounds like: For a small donation, you can control the things in the cat's environment and/or feed him. Now, usually when you sign on, you will see something like this:

Get used to that. Ulitin discloses in the video's description that the cat is actually rarely on camera:

"NO GUARANTEE THAT CAT COMES for your donation but we have Imperial March playing before the treats dispense. We can't do much if that doesn't help. Cat is 99% of the time off the camera, sleeping somewhere else. Also it eats 4-5 times a day, so it can totally ignore a donation."

Sometimes, however, you might see some magic:

giphy embed

To watch the feed live for yourself (or make a donation to feed and/or play with the mostly-invisible kitty), check out the stream below: