17 Pets Who Are Going To Poop On The Floor As Soon As You Turn Your Back

Animals don't actually poop out of a desire for revenge, but if they did, then that's exactly what these dogs and cats are going to do. They have been wronged, and as soon as you're not looking, they will restore the balance.

1. Go ahead, laugh at his beautiful haircut. See where it gets you.

Fluffy cat before and after haircut.
credit: Imgur

2. You think this is a joke? This is not a joke.

Angry-looking bulldog in bathtub
credit: Imgur

5. "Oh, I'm gonna deck the halls all right."

Annoyed cat wearing Santa hat.
credit: Cheezburger

4. Big mistake. Biiiig mistake.

Dog watching owner eat food.
credit: Imgur

5. Kitchen floor? Living room floor? Haven't decided yet.

Shady-looking dachshund with caption: "I am plotting revenge. You will not expect it."
credit: Cheezburger

6. Probably behind the couch.

Innocent-looking dog with caption: "I'm smiling now... But we both know I'm going to drop the most ferocious of deuces later."
credit: Imgur

7. Definitely on a carpeted surface.

Pensive pug with caption: "Plotting... plotting my revenge poop."
credit: Imgur

8. "Going on a trip? I'll leave you a little present for the road."

Small dog sitting on suitcase.
credit: Imgur

9. Okay, this time it's decidedly not the cat's fault.

10. Cone of shame? No. Cone of vengeance.

Angry-looking cat in veterinary cone.
credit: Cheezburger

11. Next time maybe you won't be so selfish, hmm?

Cheerful-looking dog with caption: "You didn't share that donut. I'm going to poop in your shoe."
credit: Imgur

12. Conference calls are boring.

French bulldog with dog shaming sign: "I poop every time Mommy is on a conference call. Every. Single. Time."
credit: Dog Shaming

13. Maybe a little bit mad.

Stern-looking cat with caption: "I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed."
credit: Imgur

14. "That's right ... play with your new puppy ... we'll see who gets the last laugh."

15. "accidents"

Angry looking cat with caption: "Revenge is beneath me. Accidents, howeber [sic], will happen."
credit: Cheezburger

16. Cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.

Cat sitting in litter box with caption: "I'm going to sleep in the litter box and poop in your bed."
credit: Reddit

17. Don't worry. Just wait a few hours and you'll get it back.

Dog sitting next to ripped paper with caption: "I ripped up your homework and no one will ever believe you."
credit: Imgur