17 Pets Who Are Going To Poop On The Floor As Soon As You Turn Your Back

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Animals don't actually poop out of a desire for revenge, but if they did, then that's exactly what these dogs and cats are going to do. They have been wronged, and as soon as you're not looking, they will restore the balance.

1. Go ahead, laugh at his beautiful haircut. See where it gets you.

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2. You think this is a joke? This is not a joke.

3. "Oh, I'm gonna deck the halls all right."

4. Big mistake. Biiiig mistake.

5. Kitchen floor? Living room floor? Haven't decided yet.

6. Probably behind the couch.

7. Definitely on a carpeted surface.

8. "Going on a trip? I'll leave you a little present for the road."

9. Okay, this time it's decidedly not the cat's fault.

10. Cone of shame? No. Cone of vengeance.

11. Next time maybe you won't be so selfish, hmm?

12. Conference calls are boring.

13. Maybe a little bit mad.

14. "That's right ... go ahead and play with your new puppy ... we'll see who gets the last laugh."

15. "accidents"

16. Cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.

17. Don't worry. Just wait a few hours and you'll get it back.