Episode 23: How To Adopt The Dog Of Your Dreams

Okay, you've been lingering way too long on photos of your friends' dogs on Instagram and driving by dog parks that aren't on your way home. Face it, you want a snuggle buddy but aren't quite sure if you're ready for one, and even if you were, you have no clue how to find the dog you've been daydreaming about.

Well, worry your pet-obsessed heads no more. Hosts Renee Covlert and Allegra Ringo have all the answers for this Adoptober edition of the Cuteness Pawdcast.

We have a test that will help you determine whether or not you're ready for a furry friend of your own. We also explore what a potential dog mom or dog dad needs to know about before adopting — everything from discovering the subtle differences between humane societies, rescues, and shelters to what to expect at an adoption fair.

Black and White Schnauzer / Dalmatian dog
credit: Jarib/iStock/GettyImages

Best Friend Animal Society's Michelle Sathe also joins the podcast this week to tell us about their animal sanctuary's mission to rehome pets right in your comfy living room.

So really, there's no reason to not adopt or listen to this episode of the Cuteness Pawdcast.

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