Everyone On The Internet Is Trying To Adopt This Adorable Smiling Dog

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People are clamoring to adopt a Texas puppy named Cheech. Cheech rose to internet fame when the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue posted a picture of him on its Facebook page.


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"Y'all... this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous! #ICantEven," the shelter wrote.

Since Cheech's adorable grin went viral, the shelter has received a ton of attention — and requests to adopt him. They recently wrote an update on Facebook, explaining their mission statement and inviting people to donate if they would like (the shelter doesn't officially open until November 12).


"This shelter was founded by first responders and residents in the city, we are the first and ONLY animal shelter in our entire county," the shelter wrote. "Animals at the city pound were only kept for 72hrs before euthanizing, with the shelter we are now able to take them from the pound and adopt them out to good families. We have spent the last 4 months working tirelessly and understaffed to make this shelter great."


"Cheech has MANY applications turned in, however we have tons of great homeless pups available," they added. "Check out our page to see some of the other great homeless furbabies!"

Some people have been so desperate to give Cheech a happy home, they've been going to extreme lengths to try to get to the top of the list to adopt him.

"To the person that called the County Sheriffs Office dispatch trying to adopt the 'smiling dog' tonight—I'm excited you're ready to adopt a new family member," the shelter wrote in another post. "However, Law Enforcement is busy tonight, please message the page and we'll review the applications and get back with you after this crazy weekend is over."

Whether it's Cheech or another dog, we're happy to hear that so many people in Waller are looking to give pets in need a loving home.