29 Animals Who Just Can't Figure Life Out

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If you've ever complained about the difficulties of "adulting" or just wished you could push a reset button during your daily life, these 29 animals GET you — because TBH, they just can't figure life out either.

1. Electricity = magic.

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2. I feel like I couched wrong.

3. When you try to eat something that isn't actually edible and no one you're with bothers to tell you.

4. Bags, they just don't make sense, right?

5. Where did it GO though?

6. That feeling when you're so confused, you start muttering to yourself to try to make sense of it out loud.

7. Typically, running doesn't work if you go horizontal.

8. When you aren't willing to admit you need help.

9. When you think you know where you left something and then you come back and it's gone.

10. No, I guess "horses can't run" isn't explicitly written in the cycling race rulebook, but it feels like you're not understanding this on purpose.

11. Why isn't that other dog moving though? IS IT DEAD?

12. This is not what holes are really for, but you do you, doggo.

13. I just don't understand why you won't play with me. Everyone wants to play with me.

14. When you hear your person calling another dog "a good boy"

15. You know that feeling when you really thought you measured something right and you really, really didn't?

16. A cat who understands the fidget spinner phenomenon exactly as much as you.

17. When you are unreasonably amazed by something simple.

18. No, no, you lead. It's okay.

19. When you try really hard and you still can't.

20. When you're at a party where you don't know anyone and you don't know how to act.

21. Great job. Just one note — smiles are supposed to look ... what's the word we're looking for here ... NOT terrifying.

22. The second face just kind of undermines the intimidation of the first face.

23. When at first you don't succeed ... try the exact same thing and fail again.

24. When your dog's operating system tries to run the dig program on a non-diggable surface

25. When you have that gut feeling that someone is messing with you, but you can't seem to catch them in the act.

26. What I'm doing is logical. It disappeared.

27. But, like, I can see the depth ...

28. Did I already eat it? It's gone, but I don't remember eating it ...

29. When you enlist a friend to help and they don't get it either.