29 GIFs Of Animals Who Might Need To Be Rebooted

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Sometimes, things just need a hard reboot. Unfortunately, when it's your pet that stops working, you can't just try turning them off and back on. Here are 29 pets you would totally call IT about if they were computers and not living animals.

1. The digging program clearly needs a software patch.

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2. System overload:

3. Full system crash and shutdown.

4. Something is definitely wrong here.

5. Infinite tail loop protocol.

6. Unresponsive to reboot attempts.

7. Malfunctioning. Definitely malfunctioning.

8. Too many applications open. TOO. MANY.

9. Dear human: Stop trying to make fetch happen.

10. When it's clearly broken and other people just watch and don't offer to help.

11. Big kitties malfunction too.

12. When the virus hits out of nowhere.

13. Stuck. Won't load.

14. When it won't turn back on.

15. This cat appears to be running on a dog operating system.

16. When you take it into IT and they're like, "....I honestly have no idea."

17. Glitching. Definitely glitching.

18. Someone uploaded drummer software on this otter by mistake.

19. When the program keeps trying to run after it's clearly not responding.

20. It still technically works, but it's doing this really weird thing...

21. Freeze. Then shutdown. In that order.

22. Always in that order.

23. Loading...


Treat.exe has failed to load.


25. When you try to run a cat script on a kangaroo system.

26. Working...working...working...Nope. Application failed.

27. You know that thing where your screen goes all pixelated and flashes? This is what it looks like when a doggo does that.

28. When you slightly overreact to a glitch.

29. Is there a keyboard shortcut for CTRL+ WHAT THE HECK?


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