39 Animals Who Hate Halloween

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We love Halloween. We love dressing up for Halloween and we love dressing our pets up for Halloween with us. Unfortunately, not all pets love the holiday as much as we do. Here are 39 animals who absolutely hate Halloween.

1. The humans will pay for this.

2. Yes, I get the joke. No, I'm not amused.

3. Fun fact: Dog lobsters are no happier than cat lobsters.

4. If looks could kill, this costume would be REALLY scary.

5. When your mom takes an embarrassing photo that you know will haunt you for years.

6. Make that a video:

giphy embed

7. You are under arrest for forcing me to wear this.

8. King of the Jungle? More like King of Hating Life.

9. Misery loves company:

10. Just buy a different costume, humans.

11. Clever. Very clever.

12. If these horns were real, people would be stabbed.

13. The face of a living thing who wishes it was extinct:

14. Mary had a little I HATE YOU.

15. How far do I have to run to take this off?

giphy embed

16. Help me, Obi Wan ... actually, forget it. I have no hope.

17. Internet, meet Darth Adorable.

18. Don't complain to him about your Star Wars costume.

19. When you just have to go to your happy place.

20. When you realize your happy place is gone.

21. Forget Left Shark. Dog Shark is the saddest shark.

22. Wrong. We were wrong. The saddest shark is Cat Shark.

23. Actually, it might be Dog Shark 2.0.

24. The tag is still on. Please return it.

25. When your dad pushes you to play football but really you're an ~artist~.

26. This BETTER wash off.

27. I'm going to rip this off and eat it the second your back is turned.

28. Proof that dressing like something ferocious doesn't always have the desired effect.

29. Especially if the thing you're dressing as a ferocious dragon just goes limp in response to being costumed.

30. Give a hoot โ€” don't force your pet to wear a costume.

31. Unfortunately, closing your eyes won't make it go away.

32. Batdog isn't the hero Halloween deserves.

33. But Batcat might be, TBH.

34. Ribbet?

35. Lost. Will. To. Live.

36. Do unicorn dogs cry glitter? We're * this close * to finding out.

37. What rhymes with "torture" โ€” working on a Cat in the Hat sequel based on this guy.

38. Nope. Just nope.

39. Avada Kedavra.

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