Dog Cosplaying As Bucket & Mop Wins ALL The Halloween Trophies

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Shut it down everyone, we've found Halloween's top dog πŸ† πŸ† πŸ†.


Video of the Day

Behold this adorable puli, a Hungarian breed known for its thicc, corded coat, masquerading as, well, its floor-cleaning likeness, a mop.

Images of Keki, the curly-haired pup in question, first surfaced online after she stole the show at a pet "paw-rade" last week in Covington, Kentucky.


While it wasn't a costume contest per se, Keki soaked up praise from attendees β€” and on the internet where images and video of the shaggy herding dog promptly viraled out on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

One new fan was so enamored that she even penned a poem in Keki's honor.

Unlike most of the other canines waddling about in cumbersome costumes, Keki took in the parade from the comfort of a yellow bucket that was piloted by her human mom, a veterinarian with All Creatures Animal Hospital.


Housework can sure be ruff, but then it's never looked this cute.