Stranded Dogs Heroically Saved After Months Adrift At Sea

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After being lost at sea for five months with a dead engine, snapped sail, and unanswered distress calls, Jennifer Appel and fellow sailor, Tasha Fuiaba, had nearly given up hope of ever being rescued. Thanks to a lucky encounter with a Taiwanese fishing boat, they were identified and miraculously saved. But they weren't the only stranded survivors on the boat. They were rescued alongside their two beloved four-legged canine companions, Zeus and Valentine.

When the sailors originally set out on May 3 from Hawaii, they heeded the advice from Honolulu locals before their adventure and packed their ship to the gills with supplies just in case they found themselves in a dire situation. Though the original journey to land would only take about 18 days, they wanted to island hop until hurricane season hit in November. So, despite assuming the trip only last a few months, they brought enough supplies to theoretically get by for about a year.

But, when the food for Zeus and Valentine ran out, they began giving their slobbery fellow sailors some of their own. Appel and Fuiaba even joked in a post-rescue interview that the dogs really enjoyed the human food they got, despite their scary situation. By the time the fishing boat called for help from the U.S. Navy, 90 percent of their supplies had been depleted. In short, help came just in time.


The group spent months lost at sea, surviving on rations and hope. With a dead engine and a snapped sail, all they could do was float and keep their eyes peeled for help. They even withstood an aggressive tiger shark attack in an area forebodingly named "The Devil's Triangle" one night, with all of them living to tell the tale.

It's incredibly amazing the humans were able to keep their wits and survive, and even more heartwarming that they took good care of their precious pup partners throughout the ordeal.

Despite being a little skinny the dogs and people were in all good spirits and happy to finally be out of the ocean and amongst civilization.