Josh Groban Says His Dog May Have Saved Him From The NYC Terrorist Attack

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Josh Groban recently tweeted about a close encounter with tragedy that he thinks may have been avoided, thanks to his dog's instincts. The singer was in New York City yesterday and was headed to get some coffee when his dog pulled him into a park rather than continue on their usual pedestrian path.


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Little did he know, a very short period of time later, the path they had been traveling would be the site of a tragic terrorist attack.

Groban was close enough to the terror to tweet about what he heard ...

... and about the bravery of the first responders he saw.

Before anyone knew the details of what happened, he expressed concern for everyone involved.

And, like the rest of the country, he was heartbroken to hear what exactly went down.

Because of his proximity to this shocking event, Groban was understandably even more shaken up by what happened. And this story of possible pup protection brings a little reminder of hope to an otherwise dreadful event.


Of course, it's impossible to know what the motivation behind his dog's impulsive park detour was. But with so many stories of dogs and cats having heightened senses and often inexplicable intuition about future events, the tweet at least struck a familiar chord with pet owners around the world.