Dog Mysteriously Found Swimming In The Middle Of The Ocean

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Image Credit: PaulFleet/iStock/GettyImages

There are plenty of creatures you expect to see in the middle of the ocean, yet a swimming dog is not typically one of them. But that's exactly what happened to a Seattle-based group of divers during a recent ocean excursion.

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The group, who were participating in an annual event to raise funds for LGBT causes, were in the middle of the water with no land in sight. Just before they were about to dive in again for some underwater exploration, they spotted a bobbing head in the distance. It didn't take long before they realized the animal was a familiar land friend, a dog.

The crew immediately went out to help their canine companion who, in order to be so far from land, must have been swimming for hours if not a day or so.

Fortunately, one of the diving group was a veterinarian who was able to assess that the dog, who aside from being tired and shaky, was in surprisingly good health. They appropriately named the dog Lucky and, through a local humane society, they've attempted to reunite him with his previous owner.


So far, nobody has come forward. But a couple staying at the resort have already fallen in love and called dibs on the fantastic four-legged swimmer. If Lucky remains unclaimed, he'll be starting a new life in Seattle by Thanksgiving.

Given his incredibly dire circumstances and extremely low odds of rescue, Lucky will have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season.