Jennifer Garner Wins Halloween With This Video Of Her Reading A Book To Her Dog

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Jennifer Garner hasn't been on Instagram long, but hers is already one of our favorite accounts.

The actress does a recurring segment on her Instagram called "Books with Birdie" and her Halloween edition just made our Halloweek. (Hover to play.)

Both Jen and Birdie dressed up for the video (because they're professionals, obviously) — she dressed as a skeleton and Birdie donned and enviable witch's hat (which she lost right away in the video, but she's so adorable we forgive it).

Children's books are important to Jen. In her first Books with Birdie post, she explained that she wanted to a be a school librarian as a kid.


"I grew up wanting to be a school librarian and children's book author," she wrote. "To date I have accomplished neither–but–that doesn't stop me from making must read lists for my friends. After all, there is nothing more important than reading to your kids. Unless you have a dog."

We're honestly not sure what's cuter — Jen's love of books or her Halloween spirit.

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