Family Wakes Up To Find a Badger In Their Cat's Bed

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You've heard of the fox in the henhouse, but what about the badger in the cat bed? The second one isn't an idiom, it's an actual thing that a family in Linlithgow, Scotland recently experienced.


Video of the Day

As SimpleMost reports, the outdoor critter got into the house through the pet door and quickly made itself at home. The Scottish SPCA snapped a picture of the cozy badger and posted it to Twitter.

Many Twitter users were firmly Team Badger, and noted that the poor guy was probably just looking for a comfortable place to rest.

It's rare for wild animals to break into homes, but if it happens to you, don't try to take care of the situation yourself (no matter how adorable the little guy looks while sleeping). Call your local animal control and get the professionals out to help. It's what's safest not just for you, but for the animal, too.