Just 18 Pets Who Have Had Alien Encounters

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Listen up. I've discovered a secret and shocking alien conspiracy centered around our beloved pets. Both cats and dogs are being abducted by extraterrestrials.

And get this - some of our cats and dogs might actually be aliens themselves.


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1. "The truth is out there Fluffy."

Fluffy wants to believe.


2. Few humans know this, but The Cat From Outer Space was actually a documentary.

I only know this because my cats told me.


3. My cats do not like to speak of the other documentary, where we learned of an alien life form living among humans that snacked on felines.

4. It's a challenge to know what is factual when it comes to evidence of alien encounters.

This is obviously real.



5. He looks trustworthy.

6. This kitty uses a special transmitter to communicate with her alien overlords.

7. Dogs are easily influenced by the alien movies they watch, so it's hard to know when to them seriously.

8. I found this scientific diagram showing how the alien operates inside of a cat.

9. This cat is green and so are aliens. I invite you to draw your own conclusions.

10. And this "cat"?

11. In this photograph we see a pug's return to Earth from a spaceship because he was too dumb to do research on.

According to my cats.



13. My studies have also shown that most kitties have cool alien laser eyes.

14. And some kitties just have alien eyes.

15. Here we have what could only be a dog getting orders from his alien overlords through some kind of orb.

16. Do I even need to point out the alien receptor in this pup's eye?

17. Here we have a German Shepherd that has gone Full Metal Alien.



18 "Must go now my planet needs me"


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