Just 26 Of The Most Breakfast-Loving Pets You'll Ever See

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And whether it's your breakfast, or theirs, these pets want breakfast right now.

1. "Good morning indeed!"

2. "You gonna eat that?"

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3. This lucky pup got a proper full English breakfast!

Good girl!


4. "He's bigger than us, but we have him outnumbered."

5. "Keep those eggs coming lady."

6. This polite kitty is ready for breakfast!

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My cat just jumps on my bladder when he's ready for breakfast.


7. Subtle.

"Breakfast now."


8. So subtle.

"Is it time for breakfast yet!?"


9. This sneaky pup will just have your breakfast, thanks.

Look how fast that tongue is moving!

10. Restrained, yet effective.

"I love you and also I love it when you feed me breakfast."


11. "This was totally worth waking up for."

12. This beagle is shocked by your mastery of breakfast foods!

Also she would like a bite please.


13. "I'll help you eat your breakfast, K?"

14. One of the simplest joys in life for a dog is licking the yogurt container.

It's like food AND garbage.

15. "Just your typical waffle inspector, move along please."

16. For this pup's ninth birthday, he got a people breakfast!

"You're sure we're not going to the vet?"


17. "Why you no share?"

18. "Pancakes! My favorite!"

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19. This fancy pup is totally unimpressed by his fancy breakfast.

"Sigh. Sausage and eggs again. I could really go for a quiche."


20. Opurrtunists.

21. This cat had a hard night and just wants black coffee for breakfast.

I totally get it, cat.

22. Frenchie kisses are a persuasive way to get a person out of bed and into the kitchen for breakfast.

giphy embed

And a little yucky.

23. Sometimes your cats make you breakfast!

Just kidding. That never happens.

24. These spoiled dogs have a breakfast chef on staff.

Lucky dogs!

25. Holy shit, we are jealous of this dog.

26. "All for me!? You shouldn't have!"