Snuggly Dog Saved From Bear Attack By Her Own Fat

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Having a little extra junk in your trunk can actually make you live longer. At least, of course, if you're like this lucky curvy canine who survived a bear attack thanks to the extra plump padding on her furry body.


Frika is a 15-pound miniature pinscher who lives in Florida with her overly-generous human, Eric Yaughn.

Thanks to his generosity and Frika's hearty appetite, she's developed a little extra layer of fat on her body.

But when Yaughn and Frika recently encountered an aggressive bear in their backyard, that layer of fat may well have saved her life. Yaughn told ABC News the bear attacked the duo so quickly, they bear-ly had any time to react.


Before he could scoop her up into his arms, Frika yelped out in pain, and her owner thought she was for sure a goner. Incredibly, they were able to both get inside into safety despite the bear getting a good claw into Frika.

According to the vet, it was her extra fat layer that likely kept the bear's claw from doing major damage to her inner organs.

Frika was able to survive the ordeal and is healing with a dozen stitches in her body. No doubt she and her owner will be on high-alert for future bear attacks in the area. And, hopefully, she'll be rewarded for her bravery with a treat (or a handful).


Of course, it's important to monitor your pet's weight and make sure it stays in a healthy range. But, in this case, it seems like Frika seems not only happy with her voluptuous curves, she's putting them to very good use.