Coton de Tulear Dog Breed Facts & Information

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If you're looking for optimum cuteness and cuddles from your next pet, you may want to consider the Coton de Tulear. This charming French-named puppy is sure to melt your heart and warm your soul (and not just because of that cotton-like coat).

The Basics

Pronounced "coTAWN day two-LEE-ARE," Coton de Tulears are non-sporting dogs that make the perfect companions. These small-bodied beauties are on average a petite 10-11 inches for males, 9-10 inches for females, and 9-15 pounds for males, 8-13 pounds for females. These loveable pups have a life expectancy of 15-19 years and an average litter size of 4-6 puppies. Luckily, Cotons have relatively no health concerns and are quite appropriate for apartment living.

The History

Coton de Tulears originate from that magical island off the eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar. Rumor has it that these small, white dogs were the sole survivors of a shipwreck on the island's coast or that women traveled by sea with the small dogs as companions. Either way, the dogs arrived on the island and were quickly taken as pets in wealthy households and by street urchins. The Coton de Tulears has been named the "Official Dog of Madagascar," which is just too cool.

It wasn't until the 1970s when a Frenchman brought the pup to France and worked to establish them as a breed. The creamy-coated dogs were also brought to North America around this time.

The Personality

This gorgeous dog is perfect for the laidback pet owner who simply just needs a cuddle buddy. Cotons are notoriously charming and loving, living to please, and cuddle their owners. As highly social dogs, Cotons are friendly, gentle, affectionate, and alert. They get along well with children as well as other dogs and are always ready to play!

Like most dogs, Cotons require socialization at a young age but they are smart and easy to train. They respond well to praise, treats and other rewards. Who doesn't? Cotons love to please their owner as well as charm them with tricks. One of their favorites is standing and hopping on their hind legs. This breed responds well to a firm, confident, and consistent owner. You must be the dog's pack leader to ensure favorable behavior.

The Appearance

Coton de Tulears are known first and foremost for that extremely soft and fluffy white coat that looks just like cotton, or as the French would say "coton," hence the name of the breed. Some coats come in white and black or white and tri-colored, although the all-white coats are preferred by show breeders. Their coat sheds seasonally and requires weekly grooming. These dogs are great for people with allergies.

Coton de Tulear Essential Facts List:

  • *Personality: *Bright, carefree, charming, loveable
  • *Energy Level: *Somewhat active
  • *Barking Level: *Barks when necessary
  • Shedding: Seasonal, hypoallergenic
  • *Grooming: *Weekly
  • *Good with Children: *Yes
  • *Good with other Dogs: *Yes
  • *Trainability: *Responds well
  • *Height: *10-11 inches (male), 9-10 inches (female)
  • *Weight: *9-15 pounds (male), 8-13 pounds (female)
  • *Life Expectancy: *15-19 years

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