Dog Gifted With Man's Treasured Wool Shirt For The Most Relatable Reason

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Ruh roh.

That was Alex Tumay's reaction when he pulled his favorite wool shirt from the washing machine. To his dismay, the black henley had shrunken dramatically — to the point that he could no longer wear it.


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But, making the best of a bad situation, the 31-year-old audio engineer and DJ found someone else to model the cherished threads: His adorable pup, a French bulldog named Gordie!

Writing on Twitter, the Atlanta-based Tumay shared the wardrobe mishap with his 45,000+ followers:


"Bad news: I accidentally washed a nice wool shirt that I really loved and it shrunk a LOT Good news:"

Not surprisingly, the internet lost its collective shit when Tumay's folly trended onto the microblogging platform's Moments tab.

"IM SCREAMING," wrote this woman with a broken caps lock button.

"I see no bad news," joked a second.

"I read this in the dog's perspective by accident," shared another.

For some, it was a teachable moment with a silver lining: "Next time I shrink a sweater I'm buying a pet that can fit it[.]"

The relatable episode prompted others to share their own washing woes: "Wish I would’ve seen this tweet before I washed the wool sweater I got this weekend 😪"

And other henleys, it seemed, had suffered a similar fate: "Samesies, though not as severe."

While there haven't been any additional snaps of Gordie sporting his new shirt, he's a regular on Tumay's timeline, as the tweets compiled below illustrate.



Gordie's squadmate is pretty cute as well.

Spoken like a true dog dad.

Have you turned over a treasured keepsake to your pet? Tell us about it in the comments below!