Just 20 Animals Who Are Ready To Quit Their Day Job

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Hey there, you're not the only one who hates their job.

1. "Did you get my email about snuggles?"

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As the CEO of Snuggles Inc., this Corgi excels at his job. But his passion is not snuggling, it's giving kisses.


2. He's purrfectly suited for a life of crime.

But one day, he's gonna go straight.


3. If he didn't have a litter of kittens and a wife at home, he'd sell the bodega and buy a boat.

4. There's decent money in sock modeling, but she wants to be known for more than just her cute little tootsies.

"I am more than my cute tootsies!"


5. Secretary cat is bored of her job.

Luckily she can sleep through the day and nobody notices.


6. This purrsonal assistant is this close to walking out.

7. When he's not painting houses, this artistic pup sells his art on the side of the road.

8. This K-9 cop would like you to know that bad guys taste real yucky.

9. This barista doesn't even care how you spell your name.

10. "Whatever job I'm practicing for, I don't want it."

11. This bookstore kitty wishes he was at home working on his novel.

It's called "The Great Catsby."


12. He shuts his eyes to get out of being trained to be a seeing-eye dog.

13. This exterminator remembers when catching spiders was fun, now it's work.

"Follow your bliss they said. Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life they said."


14. This fire chief is tired of the constant pressure of his job, but she does enjoy peeing on hydrants.

15. He just stares out the window all day.


Rex is tired of office banter.


17. "Just because I'm the smallest one around here shouldn't mean I'm always pulling clean-the-crawl-space duty."

18. He's waiting for his pension.

"Another five years and I can sit around in cardboard boxes eating catnip all day."


19. "Stupid supply chain issues — I would totally double the size of the wet food order."

20. "It's hard work, but I can sure buy a lot of catnip mousies with this."

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