Dog Fakes Being Sick So His Family Will Stay Home With Him

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Some dogs have a really hard time separating from their owners when they go off to work. Usually, they'll show their disappointment or disapproval by whining, crying, and making the biggest sad eyes you've ever seen in a desperate attempt to get their human to stick around. But an adorable Utah dog Sullivan (aka "Sully") took his desire for companionship one step further.


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According to BuzzFeed, Sully's mom, Kennady Longhurst, came home one day from work to make lunch for herself and hang with Sully, when he developed a strange and scary-sounding cough. Longhurst thought he might be choking and immediately started looking up all sorts of online resources to figure out the problem.

She called her husband, Alex Salsberry, to come home and help. He did and, miraculously, the choke subsided quickly, and Sully was ready his happy, playful self ready to play with his favorite humans.

The couple figured it must have been a fluke until the next morning when they were getting ready again to leave for work. Sully began making the choking cough sound again, and they immediately took him to the vet to get it checked out.

After the vet ruled out it was something dire or scary like kennel cough, he mentioned that sometimes dogs make noises like this to get attention. That's when it suddenly dawned on the couple that their sweet Sully might be putting on a little show so his parents stay by his side.


Longhurst tweeted about the experience and many other dog owners shared similar stories of their pups acting dramaticaly.


Sully's mom knew that she treated her fur baby like a real baby. And she has little doubt that her extremely smart doggo likely figured out a loophole to get extra love and attention from his parents.

Since the last vet visit, Sully's scary cough has gone MIA. His diligent parents will likely continue to monitor just in case there is something real and chronic happening with his health. But now that they're onto his little games, it may take a little more than a fake cough to get them to stick around all day.

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